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Medical Marijuana Clones by Strain

Medical Marijuana Clones by Type and Strain

We group our strains by the traditional Indica and Sativa sub-species markers, but we also group them by color, type and any other unique traits we notice. If you would like to know more about strains and other markers and how they can have an effect on the final product and medicinal uses, click the read more button.

blue dream

Blue Dream Clones

Sativa Dominant

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that can trace it’s origin to Southern California. This is a favored strain for outdoor growers due to the massive yields that can be accomplished when the plant is grown big.

Chocolope Kush

Chocolope Kush Clones

Sativa Dominant, Exotic

Chocolope Kush is an amazing strain and a great one to grow indoors or out. With a unique taste and a high THC content this is a strain that is both easy to grow and always in demand. Yields best when trained.


Sour Diesel Clones

Sativa Dominant

Sour Diesel, often referred to as Sour D, is another classic strain that yields huge. Sour Diesel features a “sour” and “fuel” mixed aroma, that has long since been a favorite among medical patients. Ideal strain for outdoor grows.

Looking for seeds?

Some of the greatest strains you will ever find, Feminized, Indica, Sativa and classic strains throughout the history of cannabis.


Hells Angel OG Clones

Indica Dominant, OG Class

Like most OG strains this is a top shelf strain. This is a strain that can yield record breaking THC levels. With a better than moderate yield Hells Angel OG is a connoisseur strain for those looking to medicate heavily.


XXX OG Clones

Indica Dominant, OG Class

This is possibly the most popular strain we work with right now, not just because of the amazing quality but also because of the heavy yields and simplicity to grow. This is a top quality amazing OG strain.


True OG Clones

Indica Dominant, OG Class

True OG has placed in the top 3 positions for best Indica in Cannabis Cup events across the country. This is the real deal, incredible THC content and amazing OG traits. With an above average yield True OG stands out.


Gorilla Glue #4 Clones


Gorilla Glue #4 has taken first place in 2 different medical cannabis cups. Legendary status genetics, high yielding and incredible potency. Consumers search for this strain, the demand is amazing.

sunset sherbet

Sunset Sherbet Clones

Hybrid, Purple

Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties. An amazing mix that produces top quality beautiful flowers. Colors ranging from yellows, oranges, reds and purples are all present. High potency, looks, and an amazing smell.


Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Clones

Hybrid, Purple

Another cup winning strain related to the Girl Scout Cookies line. With a heavy coat of crystal trichomes and amazing purple coloring, you will agree this is the best of the Girl Scout Cookies.