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05 Aug

URBNZ Winter Menu


Another season is coming upon us and we have a full menu to provide for growers looking to take part in the winter season. We know that winter is mostly for those growing indoors but also for  those growers who like to grow in temperature…

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30 Jul

URBNZ is High Desert Clones


We experienced such success due to our intensive customer support and amazing genetics that we had to expand. What started as a way to store and verify high quality genetics for just a couple of select growers has grown into something much more. This past…

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27 Jul

Beneficial Insects for your Medical Marijuana Garden

Grow Tips

Beneficial insects for your marijuana garden is one of the hallmarks of a successful outdoor grow. If you are truly interested in using as little pesticide/insecticide as possible you will need to come up with alternative methods that will reduce the possibility of insects infecting…

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