Welcome to URBNZ Genetics!

Welcome to URBNZ Genetics

We maintain and provide some of the best marijuana genetics to medical marijuana patients throughout Southern California. We provide legal patients with clean and fully rooted medical marijuana clones, teens and seeds. We have a staff of experienced growers and in addition to providing top-notch genetics URBNZ is proud to provide amazing customer support.


URBNZ consistently has medical marijuana clones available in OG Strains, Indica Dominant Strains, Sativa Dominant Strains, Exotic Strains, Pruple Strains, and Cup Winning Strains available to patients who join the URBNZ collective. Apply to join, membership is open to all legal Prop 215 patients and is absolutely free.


Let us know if you are planning on growing in soil, it will help us better serve your specific needs.


URBNZ stocks a number of seeds that are available to legal medical patients throughout California. We take great care in knowing where our medical marijuana seeds come from and only work with a few well established cannabis seed farmers to insure the highest possible quality for our patients and collective members.


Let us know if you are planning on hydroponically, it will help us better serve your specific needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We are very proud that we have an incredible level of customer satisfaction  and frequently receive positive correspondence from our collective members and growers. We strive to provide every medical marijuana grower with the best experience possible.




Seeds Sold


Clones Sold

Why Choose URBNZ Genetics?

We understand the value in the time and effort put into your garden.

It doesn’t matter if you are growing for yourself or for a collective with 5,000 members, we strive to provide you with the best growing experience possible.

20 Years Experience

Our growers have a collective experience spanning more than 20 years.

Proven Genetics

All of the medical marijuana clones and seeds that are distributed by URBNZ collective have been proven out and are 100% the strain they are being sold as.

Excellent Service

URBNZ collective members can call, text, or email with any questions or concerns regarding their garden. Let our experience assist your growth.

Mold and Pest Free

All of our clones are handled with the up-most care. White gloves and a sterile environment are just part of the process we use to insure that all of the medical marijuana plants that we deliver are of the highest possible quality.

Diverse Selection

We at URBNZ genetics strive to provide the most diverse menu of strains available for medical marijuana patients.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff are all trained to be able to answer questions for any type of grow: green house, indoor, soil, hydro, deep water culture, or any other known method.