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Marijuana Clones

URBNZ Genetics primary focus is to provide top quality clones to medical patients throughout Southern California.

Larger Plants

Larger plants can be purchased when available or ordered in advance by legal medical marijuana patients.

Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds are available from a very curated list of breeders who specialize in cannabis seed cultivation.

Marijuana Seed Shop

URBNZ Genetics

We at URBNZ strive to provide the best possible growing experience for all of our collective members. We do this through the cultivation and maintenance of some of the greatest and most popular medical marijuana known.




Seeds Sold


Clones Sold

Our Services

URBNZ Genetics provides a number of services to the collective members.

Marijuana Clones

We have a number of strains available to medical patients throughout Southern California. All clones are healthy, well rooted and pest free.

  • OG Strains
  • Indica Strains
  • Sativa Strains
  • Exotic Strains
  • Purple Strains

Want to start with something BIGGER?


Maybe even eliminate the need to veg your plants at all?


Some of our members have found that purchasing larger plants and getting to the flowering stage faster is an incredible option. We typically have two stages of plants available other than clones: pre-teens and teens. Pre-teens are approximately 12 inches or taller while teen plants are approximately 18-24 inches tall.

There is limited availability of both teens and preteens, if you are interested in securing large plants for your grow it is advised you contact us as early as you can and pre-order the plants. This way we can be sure to have the genetics you want when you need them.

Marijuana Seeds

It is becoming more and more popular that medical marijuana growers are turning to seeds rather than clones. Availability being one of the most pressing for many patients.

We work directly with some of the best medical marijuana seed cultivators in the industry. We help distribute, and occasionally create, some of the most popular strains available… and some that are only available right here.

URBNZ Genetics offers collective members a number of consultation options. Feel free to call or email to speak directly with someone who can help you with what ever growing questions or concerns you may have.

Anything from a simple question or two to the design of an indoor grow space we are happy to help… and if we don’t have the answers we will certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

Our growers have a combined experience spanning more than 20 years, let our experience work for you.

Our Collective Gallery

These are just some of the pictures that have been submitted by our happy collective members!

Why Choose URBNZ Genetics?

We understand the value in the time and effort put into your garden.

It doesn’t matter if you are growing for yourself or for a collective with 5,000 members, we strive to provide you with the best growing experience possible.

20 Years Experience

Our growers have a collective experience spanning more than 20 years..

Proven Genetics

All of the medical marijuana clones and seeds that are distributed by URBNZ collective have been proven out and are 100% the strain they are being sold as.

Excellent Service

URBNZ collective members can call, text, or email with any questions or concerns regarding their garden. Let our experience assist your growth.

Mold and Pest Free

All of our clones are handled with the up-most care. White gloves and a sterile environment are just part of the process we use to insure that all of the medical marijuana plants that we deliver are of the highest possible quality.

Diverse Selection

We at URBNZ genetics strive to provide the most diverse menu of strains available for medical marijuana patients.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff are all trained to be able to answer questions for any type of grow: green house, indoor, soil, hydro, deep water culture, or any other known method.

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